Veterans Home Care Service

What long term care benefits are available to Veterans through the Veterans Administration?

All enrolled Veterans are eligible for the following long term care services:

  • Geriatric evaluation – provides either and impatient or outpatient evaluation of a veterans ability to care for in or herself
  • Adult day health care – a therapeutic day care program that provides medical and rehabilitation services to veterans
  • Respite care- provides either inpatient or outpatient supportive care for veterans to allow caregivers to get a break
  • Home care nursing, physical therapy and other services provided in the veteran’s home
  • Hospice / palliative care – provides services for terminally ill veterans and their families

Nursing home and domiciliary care (VA facility that provides care on an ambulatory self-care basis)

Which Veterans qualify for unlimited nursing home care?

The following Veterans qualify for unlimited nursing home care:

  • Veterans who are seeking nursing home care for a service related condition
  • Veterans with a service –connected disability rating of 70% or more
  • Veterans who have a service-connected disability of 60% and are unemployable

The VA may provide nursing home care to other Veterans if space permits.  Veterans with service-connected disabilities receive priority.

Does the VA charge co-pays for long term care services?

Veterans with a compensable service-connected disability do not pay long-term care co-payments.  Non service-connected Veterans and non-compensable zero (0%) service-connected Veterans may be subjected to long-term care co-payment.  The first 21 days of long-term care are free. Co-payments start on the 22nd day.   Long-terms care co-payments are based on the individual Veteran’s financial status.  Veterans must complete a financial assessment to determine their co-payments.  The co-payments are adjusted for each individual Veteran based on his or her ability to pay.

Where are VA nursing home care services provided?

The VA provides nursing home services through three national programs.  VA owned and operated nursing homes, state veteran’s homes and operated by the states, and the community nursing home program.  Each program has admission and eligibility criteria specific to the program.

Will the VA cover nursing home care in a non-VA facility?

The VA can only pay for care in nursing homes that participate in its contract program.  Nursing homes that don to participate in its contract program are not covered.

How can I get additional information about long term care benefits?

Veterans and their families should contact the nearest VA facility for information or call   1-800- 827-1000 or go to the internet at