Veterans Benefit Workshops Available Near You

Financial Help for Our Veterans

Whether you are a Director of Marketing at a Seniors Center, the care giver of a senior or planning ahead for your long term care needs – further financial assistance from the government is available for those that qualify.

Veteran Benefit Programs

It’s likely you have heard about Veteran Benefits that are available for our senior Veterans. Now you are looking for further information on these programs but not certain what direction to take,  if you are able to represent someone,  or if your loved one would even qualify – right?

Look no further.  Fortunately, there is a great organization that provides VA Aid and Attendance information webinars that many Senior Centers and Assisted Living Communities are hosting for seniors and caregivers.

FREE Information Webinars

Many Senior Centers and Assisted Living Communities across the county are hosting free information webinars provided by Veterans Financial, Inc.

A representative provides attendees of the workshop with up-to-date material covering information on the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Aid and Attendance Pension benefits. Attendees can ask questions and review material that cover topics such as potential earnings of up to $2,431 that a qualified senior veteran facing long term care concerns could possibly receive.

Find A Workshop Near You!

The first step to finding a webinar is to request to be updated when an event for VA Aid and Attendance is scheduled. All you have to do now is to fill out some of your information into the form below and we’ll keep you informed!

An Organization that Cares!

Veterans Financial provides a variety of helpful services that are free of charge.

The private financial organization of Veterans Financial has been in practice for 18 years now. Within this time their knowledgeable staff assisted over 200,000 families through their application process for VA Aid and Attendance benefits as well as offered information workshops that have been growing in numbers.

They are here to educate their communities so families of veterans can get the proper information and know they are not alone in this process.

Don’t Wait – Call Today 1-800-835-1541!

So whether you are seeking more information on if your senior Veteran will qualify for Aid and Attendance or if you are a Director at a Seniors Center or Assisted Living community wishing to inquire on hosting your own Information webinar – wait no longer and pick up the phone to call Veterans Financial today.

Our representatives are waiting now to hear from you. Call 1-800-835-1541 or contact us online now .