Why Choose Veterans Financial to help with VA Aid and Attendance

This is a time where our Veterans and their loved ones are experiencing various changes to their health and well being.  These new changes can cause financial strain that leave them feeling overwhelmed.

As a Marketing Director, you want to provide information that can assist your seniors and their loved ones to get the help they need, but even for you, there are challenges. You want to ensure your sharing a service that you would trust to use with your loved one.

Top 10 Reasons Why Veterans Financial is Chosen over the Competition:

  1. Your call is answered by a live person (800-835-1541). That’s right! So no voicemail or automated prompts.
  2. A customer service representative will discuss personal eligibility for the Aid & Attendance benefit on the spot.  No appointment necessary or lengthy form to fill out.
  3. No matter what the financial situation, assistance is offered. Veterans Financial will try to help wherever possible.
  4. With 17 years under our belt, we share our vast experience about how to successfully complete an application and achieve a speedier approval.
  5. If the Department of Veterans Affairs requires additional information or explanations on your application, we are here to provide further guidance.
  6. Every month Veterans Financial conducts approximately workshops and webinars to help educate Veterans and their families.  For each event marketing support is provided.  Veterans Financial provides marketing such as large post cards with a Veterans household mailing list, Newspaper Ads, Email Promotion, Facebook ads, etc. These marketing strategies help ensure a great turn out.
  7. We will also provide materials to do your own promotion including full color flyers, a press release, a community newsletter article and resident letter are available in Word which can be customized for your event/location.
  8. Veterans Financial provides wonderful ideas and collateral to help celebrate Veteran related holidays such as Armed Services Day, Memorial Day and Veterans Day at your community.
  9. We have helped over 180,000 families just-like-yours over the past 17 years…..can anyone else make the same claim?

10. We hold a strong A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau

When families try to go it alone in obtaining the VA Aid and Attendance benefit it is too easy for your seniors to be lost in the shuffle…but at Veterans Financial we understand their needs and are here to show them that they are NOT alone in the process.

We encourage you to experience firsthand why Veterans and their loved ones are choosing Veterans Financial for our experience and assistance to learn about the VA Aid and Attendance benefit.  For more information, please contact 1-800-835-1541 to speak with Veterans Financial today!