The people at VFI were very helpful in assisting getting a benefit for my father that I did not know existed. They were great people to work with and very patient in answering questions and assisting in filling out the paperwork correctly for the VA so that the claim could be processed promptly. I have recommended VFI to coworkers that have elderly parents who may be looking into assisted living arrangements as they get older.

Gary Redbrook


I spent the last 3 months of 2012 preparing my mother to move into a senior living apartment. Needless to say this is a very stressful process for all involved. Since it’s a private facility we have to rely on private funds. Fortunately my mother is a widow of a wartime vet and VA Aid & Attendance Pension benefits are available to her. In the process of investigating the ins and outs of applying I was very discouraged due to the cost and complication of working with the VA. I happened to do a YouTube search for Aid & Attendance benefits and found Veterans Financial. I was shocked to not only find out that the service was free but that it was so comprehensive, compassionate and professional.

I have completed and submitted the application and am waiting on the response from the VA. I am confident in the final outcome because the representative who reviewed my application was VERY thorough and clear in her instructions and explanations.

Thank you so much for making a very difficult process a little easier!

Kevin Waddy


Thank you for obtaining VA financial aid for Assisted Living. My wife and I were able to move in quickly from Florida and we love our new residence. We appreciate your assistance and rapid approval.


Fernand & Elaine Crotea


Hello Emily,

As I sit waiting to work with your representative, I have to share what a wonderful customer service experience I had last week with your staff.   I received a follow up call seeing how things were going but it got interrupted due to me having to go with my father-in-law to a doctor.   I called back about an hour later trying to apologize to the CSR who called, fully expecting to have to wade through typical service delay.  Much to my surprise a friendly voice answered the phone, not the dreaded automated attendant, and as I was explaining what I needed to do the friendly voice said “do you want me to connect you to whom you were speaking?”.  Mind you in my hast to disconnect I failed to get the persons name that I was speaking to.  I was in awe when the friendly voice said that is “no problem, I know who you were speaking to and I will connect you directly”.


I never had anyone do that for me before and I am impressed!!!!!

I work for a fortune 500 company in the IT department and I deal with help desk and customer service around the world and this was the BEST experience I ever had.  If you treat your customers on call backs this well then this should be a case study for the Harvard Business Review on How to  Treat customers!!!

I do not wish to name names since it is obvious this is a TEAM effort that all need to take credit for.

Warm Regards, William Barlock


I am taking care of my 82 year old brother and we needed some assistance. My son informed me about Veteran Financial, Inc. I have to start first saying that Missy, a representative at Veteran Financial, Inc., was so very helpful, and assisted me with getting the process of the VA Pension Benefit started. Afterwards, I talked to MaryAnne for the final on my brother’s claim. I am amazed at how the process moved right along. My brother’s claim was approved in a matter of days. All of the staff members that assisted me were so easy to talk to. They all fall in the category of Professional, Supportive and Caring. WOW, what a combination! It is because of their guidance that the application was successful and approved. We were truly blessed to have the staff at Veterans Financial to assist us.

Thank you kindly,

Dorothy Jones


We worked with Kevin at VFI and he was a tremendous help with getting my father-in-laws affairs in order. We were totally in the dark about any of his veterans benefits. Kevin met with all of us and explained the process in terms that we could understand. He has been getting his benefits for over a year now every month without any complications. I am really grateful that our paths had crossed with Kevin’s.

Chris Howell


I just got off the phone with a rep at the VA hotline number you gave me.  It turns out that my Mom’s application has been approved and her first monthly payment has already been deposited in her account electronically.  The entire process took less than two months!  Pretty amazing since three years ago it took them over a year to reject her original claim.  I can’t thank you and your colleagues at Veterans Financial enough for all of the helpful, insightful and thoughtful guidance that you provided that got this done so quickly.  Please pass along our gratitude to all who helped make this happen.


Jim Garrity


I am most grateful to MaryAnne for her expert experience and advice in helping me fill out the VA Financial forms on my mother’s behalf. She treated me like a person, not a number, and thoroughly explained every step of the process and what to expect as well. MaryAnne also encouraged me to call any time and that they would be with me throughout the entire process and beyond. WOW!!! You don’t hear that often in business these days. My thanks to MaryAnne and the entire staff for being friendly, helpful and kind, going above and beyond.

BJ Sylvester


Thanks to you and the Veterans Financial staff for all of your advice and encouraging words.  There should be national recognition for a group, like Veterans Financial, who does so much to help those in need.  Thank you all for your kindness.  You are wonderful people.

Charlene S.


Your team of people were an absolute lifesaver! As a former claim professional, financial sales representative, supervisor, and manager, I only wish that there were more people of her caliber. Again, thank you and please share my gratitude with your staff!

Gary J.


I wanted to make you aware of the great assistance that Veterans Financial representatives have provided to me through the entire process of applying for Veteran Benefits for my 92-year-old mother. I can tell you with great confidence that I would have never been able to fully complete all of the paperwork to the VA’s satisfaction. I am pleased that my mother will be awarded her benefits and I owe a tremendous amount of it to your staff.

Keith W.


Thanks to meeting you and your help and that of those who work for and with you in March, {my uncle} was approved and received back payment from June.  Had it not been for that chance meeting, I’m not sure he would have ever received assistance.  I was told by more than one person that he was not a candidate.  I cannot thank you enough for all of Veterans Financial’s help.

Lynda C.


I could have never done this without your assistance. You are amazing and so good at what you do. I couldn’t pick a more fitting time of the year to thank you for all that you’ve done for us and for being who you are. You are truly a blessing not only to us, but to so many other people.



I just wanted to take a moment to pass along my deep appreciation for the work Veterans Financial has been doing. I could not be more pleased with the work they have done so far. The representatives who have helped me have been great, and have been their professional best from the outset. Thank you all very much.

Erik L.