Planning for Care Expenses & Retirement Income Needs

Many of the families we educate about the VA’s Aid & Attendance pension benefit use our services for a variety of other financial planning and asset planning issues.

The team at Veterans Financial has expertise in a variety of areas including retirement income planning, legacy maximization, IRA tax minimization and funding options for long term care expenses such as assisted living, nursing home and home care. These strategies have been developed with the expertise gained from assisting more than 136,000 families with their financial and long term care needs.

The most common concern of our families is that we ensure they will not run out of money. The licensed agents at Veterans Financial, Inc. have numerous options available which provides this type of Retirement Income Protection.  Two common strategies are Immediate Income Annuities and Income Rider Annuities, both of which provide financial security you cannot outlive. These options are offered by the most well respected and highest rated companies in the financial services industry. These include such household names as Nationwide, Allianz and Integrity to name a few.

Some who are not worried about running out of money have a different concern, taxes. With today’s high tax rates it is not uncommon for one quarter or in extreme cases nearly half of an IRA or 401k being paid in Federal and State taxes. While each case is different, we have successfully helped many families convert their fully taxable IRA into a tax free inheritance for children and grandchildren.

When it comes to options for funding Long Term Care expenses, few companies have the expertise and track record Veterans Financial, Inc. has.  Utilizing common and uncommon strategies to provide the protection you need, no matter your age or health, we have options for you.  Any financial planning organization can offer you traditional Long Term Care Insurance, few are as innovative as we are in our methods of convert lump sums of money into long term care protection as well as an inheritance for your heirs.

For anyone, regardless of their age, net worth or health, we encourage the prepayment of final expenses and funeral costs with a Medicaid exempt burial policy. This ensures the next generation is not responsible for funeral and/or burial expenses after all other assets have been used for living or long term care expenses associated with the final years of life. We have a simple to establish product which keeps final expense money in a trust which is approved in nearly every state and backed by a 100+ year old company with Excellent ratings from AM Best.

In order to provide our clients with the best possible options for financial planning, Veterans Financial, Inc. has aligned with the most exceptional and progressive products in the financial world while still adhering to a core principle that any product we offer to clients must be 100% guaranteed. We absolutely do not believe in risking retirement savings in the volatile market.

These products offer such features as:

– A roll-up period crediting up to 6% per year until income payments begin.
– Guaranteed income-for-life with the remaining accumulation balance available to heirs.
– Double income payments for a specific period if you require qualified long-term care.
– Conversion of fully taxable IRA funds to a tax-free inheritance for heirs.

Products like these, as well as many other more traditional options, can help protect assets from future care expenses, help grow retirement savings without the risk inherent with the stock market, or provide a guaranteed retirement income.

Whatever your current and future needs are, Veterans Financial is here to assist you. Whether or not you currently desire assistance with your finances, we are here to answer your questions and provide assistance whenever possible.

Contact our offices here or call us at 800.835.1541 for a free consultation on how Veterans Financial can help provide you Retirement Income Protection.