Assisted Living Community Staff Training

Staff turnover can be nearly as big a challenge to Assisted Living communities and companies as the turnover of residents. When a new staff member is hired, it is critical that they know:

  • To whom to promote the Aid and Attendance Pension benefit
  • How to explain the benefit to families
  • When to bring the benefit up in conversations
  • How to use the benefit as a marketing and sales tool

In our years of experience, we have found that most new hires may not have this knowledge and are often afraid to ask superiors for guidance.  To address this need, Veterans Financial offers a New Staff-Member Training Program.  This program is designed to ensure that your staff knows as much as possible about these valuable benefits.  The one-to-two-hour training session can be presented privately with a new staff person, in larger groups at regional meetings or even as a break out session at a national sales conference. Whatever your training needs are, Veterans Financial is committed to meeting them.

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