Aid and Attendance Q&A

Q. Can I help my Husband/Father apply for VA Aid and Attendance?

A: Anyone can assist an applicant to prepare the necessary forms to file a claim with the VA.  However, only the applicant or a court appointed legal guardian (with valid legal documentation) is authorized to the sign the forms.

Q. Can all veterans that need financial/medical assistance apply for VA Aid and Attendance or are there specific serving periods that will only qualify?

A: Only veterans or the surviving spouses of veterans who served on active duty (not National Guard or Reserves) in the military during specific wartime periods, i.e., WWII 12/7/41 – 12/31/46,  Korea 6/27/50 – 1/31/55,  Vietnam 8/5/64 – 5/7/75,  Gulf War 8/2/90 to 2021 can qualify.

Q. What type of information should I have ready to find out if we could potentially qualify?

A: Veteran’s dates of military service, details of medical disability, unreimbursed monthly custodial care expense, (i.e. in-home, assisted living, or skilled nursing home), out of pocket expenses, fixed monthly income, and total net worth of liquid assets (not to include FMV of home if not selling).

Q. My dad is a senior veteran and his physical needs are changing. The money we have goes to medical expenses and I just can’t provide him with the care & attention he requires. Is there a VA pension that could help with a Veteran’s Assisted Living?

A: Veterans and surviving spouses of deceased veterans may qualify for the VA Aid and Attendance, non-service connected Disability Pension benefits to help offset some expenses associated with the need for custodial care due to physical and cognitive disabilities.

Q. My husband receives a small pension but it’s just not enough to support both our medical and living expenses. If he qualifies, are there any VA pension benefits that could potentially help both of us?

A: If the income from the pension previously identified is not from the VA, then it is only counted as monthly income.  If all remaining criteria are met, then an applicant can still be considered for eligible.

Q. If we have over a certain amount of ‘income/assets’ will we not be eligible to qualify for any VA Pensions?

A: Income and assets are considered as separate financial criteria.  Generally speaking, if an applicant has unreimbursed custodial care expenses that exceed the household’s fixed income level, one may be eligible to file a claim.  However, the VA will determine if a claimant’s reported assets are sufficiently large that the claimant could live off of these assets for a reasonable amount of time.  There is no set limit on how much net worth a veteran or his dependents can have, but net worth cannot be excessive.  Each situation is dependent on the facts of each individual case.

Q. I started an application for my spouse with a different organization but it’s taking FOREVER and I’m tired of trying to find my way to the ‘right’ person – can you help me or are you all the same?

A:  If you have already submitted a completed VA application and included all of the required documentation directly to the Veterans Administration, then there is nothing we can do to expedite the process or check the status of your claim.  Veterans Financial Inc, is a private financial services company, not affiliated the Department of Veterans Affairs or any government agency.   If you still have not submitted any paperwork to the VA, we can help you determine if you are eligible and guide you through the application process.

Q. Is there a set amount of VA Disability Rates for income levels, or do they differ for each case?

A:  The maximum amount of VA disability benefits awarded are fixed based on:

  1. Married Veteran = $2,642/month
  2. Single Veteran = $2,229/month
  3. Surviving Spouse = $1,432/month

Q. My spouse has passed away and my health has changed drastically. I need to move into an Assisted Living Center, but the veteran pension I receive now from my spouse barely covers my medical expenses.  Could I possibly apply for any VA Pensions?

A: If your current VA pension benefits are less than the maximum amount awarded, they may be increased.  You must submit to the VA a statement in support of claim advising you have additional care expenses that are greater than the expenses reported on the original claim for benefits and include a Medical expense report to show those VA itemized medical expenses for the past 12 months.

Q. I know you claim to be a free service, but the company I started my application with said the same thing. It’s been months and we’re still waiting on our application to be approved. The company now has these ‘hidden’ fees on their services to help us clear things up with the additional questions Veterans Affairs has.  So aren’t you financial companies all the same?

A: Veterans Financial is not part of the VA.  We are a private financial service company. That said, there are asset limitations, if financial planning is required to assist with eligibility for benefits, we are compensated only by the financial institutions that we would work with.  Applicants incur no out of pocket fees.

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